No Pantsing on the Whole 30

Whole 30 Month, Day 2

As I am sitting here in bed, I am indeed wearing no pants. However, that is not what I’m talking about here.

In fact, probably only writers will understand the meaning of pantsing in this context, so for those of you not in the author world:

Pantsing refers to sitting down and writing by the seat of your pants, letting it all pour out to see where your creativity takes you.

Lisa Cron from Writer Unboxed. (This ia actually a really good article on “the Third Rail” between pantsing and plotting).

TLDR Version

You should probably carefully plan meals for the first week so you’re less likely to get hangry when you realize it’s super late to start dinner. Ordering out W30 foods is more difficult and less accurate, I’m sure.

The Whole (30) Story

The four of us learned today that even if you have a dinner idea, someone has to be prepared to cook it. And when that someone has a late chiropractor appointment and doesn’t pass the responsibility, you get home hangry after a massive Costco trip and it’s almost 6PM but dinner hasn’t even begun.

Problem is, you can’t just GrubHub from the Micky D’s down the road. So you try to order Chipotle because you know they actually have a Whole 30 bowl. But, the only Chipotle is 20 minutes away and so somehow your food takes an hour and a half to get here, by which time you could’ve made the dinner you’d planned and already been done. So instead of yakitori chicken skewers, instead you get mediocre, non-customized, cold Mexicanish food.

So, I have no picture or recipe of dinner, because we were hangry an hour before it came and it kinda looked like cold Mexicanish food anyway. Fortunately, we went to Costco and bought W30 appropriate snacks as an appetizer, such as the dried watermelon featured in this hilarious picture of Amanda Gleeson looking scared and sad.

No description available.
I was laughing too hard to take a clear photo so you get what you get…

In all fairness, it looks like raw meat…but not the fun tartar kind. More like the scary, serial-killery kind you’d find in the mitts of some creepy guy staring you down at a bus stop. It does, however, taste like summer. And if that ain’t unsettling, I don’t know what is. Also, you really have to work at it since it’s super sticky–which is actually good b/c after a few pieces, you’ve expended so much energy trying to eat it that you forget you’re hungry.

On the other hand, there were more foods at Costco that are approved than I thought including Almond Butter, a grain-free/peanut-free granola with only monk fruit for sweetener (which is dubiously OK I think), dried cauliflower chips, and many varieties of nuts. So, at least we have something.

However, here are my meals for the day (I combined breakfast and lunch b/c I didn’t eat until almost 11 due to meetings). I also learned more about snacks today like there are some types of Lara Bars that seem OK but others are not. Also, most nut-butters have the wrong oil and/or sugar in them, though the Costco stuff is JUST almonds so…that’s cool.

Here is a pic of my brunch b/c I’m bougie AF.

  • Brunch
  • Hard Boiled egg w/ hot sauce
  • Tuna salad w/ HM (homemade) mayo and hot sauce
  • Carrots w/ HM olive oil vinaigrette
  • Berries
  • Pepitas w/ garlic salt
  • Coffee
  • Waterloo seltzer
  • Snacks
  • Clementine
  • Olive-oil almonds
  • Dried tangerines (no sugar added)
  • Lara Bar – Lemon Zest
  • Dinner
  • Chipotle Whole 30 bowl w/ chicken & riced cauliflower**
  • La Croix coconut and raspberry “mocktail”

**I’m sure this would be good if it were fresh and not delivered after sitting there for however long. Was not impressed with Uber Eats.

Overall, not a bad day, though our tummies are gurgly. I think this probably happens b/c we are eating WAY more fresh produce than we have been and our stomachs are adjusting. I’ve heard that some days will be good and others may be rough, so I’ll just take it one day at a time.

Here’s to tomorrow!

Stay crazy!

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