Book of the Week – The Mistborn Series

Welcome to part 2 of my “Book of the Week” post series! Today, I’m going to talk about The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson.

If you are looking for a very different magic system set in an extremely hard, plant-less world where ash is constantly falling, then check this one out!

The first Mistborn book follows Kelsior and Vin, two Mistborn allomancers (who use metal alloy to stimulate their powers), the former an ex-slave and the latter an orphaned street kid, as they take on the Lord Ruler himself. The first trilogy of this 6-book series answers the question: What if the hero of prophecy fails?

Then, as if that series is not exciting enough, Sanderson continues on in this world by setting up a second trilogy 300 years later. Starting with The Alloy of Law This later trilogy does away with the classic fantasy world set up and adds in a Victorian aesthetic with steam trains, electric lights and skyscrapers.

The old magics of allomancy still exist in this world but like everything else, they have evolved into something else. And the characters of the previous trilogy: Kelsior, Vin and the rest, are now part of this new age’s history and religion.

Now, I’ve only read the first one of this trilogy, but I liked it even better than the first 3 books. The steampunk vibe and gritty, politics-heavy feel make the mystery even more intriguing. However the next two books are definitely on my list!

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