Flash Fiction Friday: The Misadventures of Little Bo Peep

Okay, so I haven’t posted on my blog in a while since I was hunkered down working on finishing up the rough edit of Anamnesis. Now that that’s done, I find myself with some time for other creative endeavors. Seeing as how I’m looking at trying to start a Patreon, I thought it would be a good idea to get in the habit of writing super short pieces for my subscribers. Thus, this is the first installment of my “Flash Fiction Friday”.

Now, I will admit, I thought of this idea because I came across a weird piece I wrote in 2010. Thus, I haven’t written anything new yet, but I figured we’d kick it off with an old piece so we can see how much better I’ve gotten in 10 years!

Thus, please enjoy “The Misadventures of Little Bo Peep”!


Little Bo Peep looked around. One minute, she was tending her sheep in a vast green meadow; the next she was surrounded by tall buildings and loud vehicles buzzing around at super speeds. She felt a nudge against her calf and looked down to see the  black face and egg-shell white coat of Serta, the littlest of her sheep.  He was staring up at her with questioning eyes.

“I don’t know where we are either, Serts,” Peep said tragically.

These things happened from time to time in The Land – a rift in space and time would open up and transport its inhabitants to undisclosed locations. It had something to do with too much fantasy in the air, though nobody had researched it thoroughly. Those that tried, well, they never came back from these “other places”, so it was best just not to question it.

Peep, like many of the good inhabitants of The Land, mostly just minded her business and only half-heartedly paid attention to her science lessons, preferring the wide green fields to the stuffy classroom. One thing she did know, however, was that she had to get home to Fairytale Pastures.

Gripping her shepherd’s crook in one hand she scratched Serta’s head as the two set off down the unknown land. The ground they walked on was hard and black, the sky a sickly shade of gray. People were dressed so strangely – black slacks and button-up shirts on both women and men. They all looked at her with confused or curious glances but quickly looked away when she met their eyes. These same oddly dressed people dined in fancy restaurants with crystal chandeliers and white tablecloths. 

The buildings, which didn’t look like farms or homesteads, were packed narrowly together and reached up into the sky like spires of rock or Very Tall Trees. The giant metal vehicles growled and honked like processed demon geese, and whirred back and forth beside them.

Peep looked for anything familiar, where she could ask for directions–if she could find a wizard, that would be even better. However, buildings entitled “Pharmacy”, “Bank”, and “Gas” made no sense to her, so she continued on. Finally, she came upon a sign that read “Liquor and Coffee”.

“Oh good, Serta, a tavern!” she said.

However, when she went inside looking for a table, all she saw was a long bar with stools lined up against it.  Despite the raised eyebrows and nervous chuckles aimed in her direction, she marched resolutely up to the bar.

“Hello, I’m lost,” she told the barkeep.

“Oh,” he responded, “You must be one of those cosplay people, eh?”

Peep didn’t really know what “cosplay people” meant, so she shrugged.

“Well this year it’s at Pasteur’s Arena on 22nd and Main,” the barkeep continued. “Good luck.”

“Pastures Arena?” she asked. She’d never heard it called that before, but it would be a start. Maybe Serta could even get some good grazing in before they went home. “Sounds grand!”

After the barkeep gave her direction, she thanked him with a smile, and placed a large bronze coin on the bar counter. The man looked confused and studied the coin, but before he could ask any questions, Peep was already leaving. She was a busy shepherd and had places to be! Sheep to herd!

Speaking of sheep, the little sheep by her side made a worried bleat.

“Don’t worry, Serts, we’re going home,” she said scritching his soft, black ear.

Shrugging his wooly shoulders gently, Serta grunted and ambled after the rushing Peep, doing what sheep do best.

Twenty-second and Main wasn’t far. As she approached the location the barkeep gave her, she saw attire more like to what she was used to. Girls were wearing poof-skirts and corsets with little bonnets and Mary-Jane shoes, while men had tunics, leggings and swords.

“Hi!” Peep said, running up to one girl in a pink and white floral dress, “My name is Little Bo Peep. Can you tell me if I am close to the Pasture?”

“Ohhhhhh …” squealed the girl, “You DO look like Little Bo Peep! And you’ve even got a real sheep with you! What a cutie! Can I take a picture?”

Peep’s mouth dropped open,  “Uh thanks, his name is Serta…and what’s a picture?”

But the girl’s friends were already pulling out curious square devices that flashed with little lights and clicked like the sound of dog claws on stone. The first girl threw her arm around Peep’s back, smiling at her friend, and holding up her hand with 2 fingers in a V shape.

“Make sure to get the sheep!” She called to her friend as the device went click click click.

“Thank you!” the girl cried, talking a mile a minute, “Your costume is great but I don’t think you’ll get in with Serta though. Only service animals are allowed.”

Peep cocked her head at the girl. “Serta is a good service animal,” she said and the sheep gave a proud bleat, “He gives soft wool every summer that makes the best scarves and hats.”

She chuckled, “Well you can totally argue that with the entry. He’s so cute, I hope they believe you!”

“The who?”

“The check-in guy at Pasteur’s Arena.” She pointed to a large spherical building behind her.

“That’s the Pasture?” Peep asked, incredulous.

“No, silly!” the girl laughed, “Pastuer’s Arena, the building where they’re holding SuperAnime Con 2010!”

“SuperAnime Con?” Now Peep was really confused. “What town am I in?”

The girl tittered, “Town? Washington D.C. is more like a very large city. But you play your character well!” She turned to her friend, “We have to get going, but have fun! See you inside?”

”Washington D.C.!?” Peep groaned looking at Serta. She’d never heard of the place, but it didn’t really seem like there would be any wizards here. “Oh Serta, how are we ever going to get back to Fairytale Pastures?” she moaned.


So what do you think? Should I write Part 2? Anyone want to know how she gets back to Fairytale Pastures?

Lyndsie Clark

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